Benefits and applications
Volume and weight savings

Diamond electronic components for lighter and more compact converters.

The volume and weight of a power converter can be reduced by 80% by using active components made of diamond rather than silicon. This is made possible by the intrinsic properties of diamond, which enable :

High temperature

Diamond components capable of operating in very high temperature environments.

Diamond is a high-temperature-stable material whose electrical performance does not deteriorate at temperatures above 200°C, unlike all other semiconductor materials.


Radiation resistance

Radiation-resistant diamond components.

There’s no need to “harden” the components – diamond components can operate at radiation levels in excess of 1 Mega Gray (MGy).
E.g. nuclear reactor monitoring, aerospace.

In addition, the fact that diamond is a large-gap material whose charge carriers have very high mobility makes it an excellent candidate for the manufacture of high-energy detectors. E.g. medical physics (dosimeters, radiotherapy monitoring).

High voltage

Diamond components capable of withstanding several thousand volts.

The intrinsic properties of diamond and our expertise in doping enable :


Quantum Applications

Because of its exceptional properties and its ability to contain nitrogen atoms, diamond is the ideal candidate for quantum applications requiring neither low temperature nor high vacuum.

The NV centre in diamond acts as an entity in its own right and has a variable spin electron. This quantum state (spin) of the NV centre enables information to be stored and also makes it possible to detect and quantify electric and/or magnetic fields.

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