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Volume and weight gain

Diamond electronic components for lighter and smaller converters.

Power converter’s weight and volume can be reduced by 80 % by using diamond active components instead of silicon one’s. It is possible thanks to diamond’s inherent properties which allow:

  • To use less semiconductor material
  • To reduce and even get rid of a cooling system
  • To decrease the active components size

Example: onboard power electronic in planes, electric cars, trains, satellites.

High temperatures

Diamond components able to work in high temperature environment.

The diamond is a stable material at high temperature which its electrical properties don’t deteriorate at temperatures over 2000°C unlike all the others semiconductor materials.

Example: oil drilling head, space exploration (Venus).

High radiation

Diamond components highly tolerant to radiations.

No need to « harden » the components, those in diamond can work with radiation rate higher than 1 Megagray (MGy). Example : nuclear reactor monitoring, aerospace.

Furthermore, the fact that diamond is a wide band gap material and that its charge carriers have a high mobility level makes it an excellent candidate to produce high energy detectors.

Example: medical physics (dosimeter, radiotherapy monitoring).

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High voltages

Diamond components able to withstand thousands of volts.

Diamond’s inherent properties just as our expertise on its doping allow to consider components capable to block voltages of thousands of volts while being able to handle current densities of hundreds or thousands of amperes per square cm. Furthermore, such components can decrease the commutation losses by 95% compared to silicon components.

Example: main line train, HVDC electrical system.

Quantum applications

Diamond servicing quantum applications.

The diamond, by its exceptional properties and its aptitude to contain nitrogen atoms, is the ideal candidate for quantum applications which do not need neither low temperature nor high vacuum. Indeed, the NV center in the diamond acts as a full entity and has a variable spin electron. The NV center’s quantum state (spin) allows the storage of information but also to detect and quantify electric and/or magnetic fields.

Example: super quantum computer, magnetometry, quantum microscope.

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